Joy (cithra) wrote,

disjointed reboot thoughts

I wonder if I would be so contented in my introversion without things like LJ. Felt pretty isolate while it was down, certainly, but not in such a way to be motivated to do anything about it... heh.

Makes me think: backups, back-up plans. But only think, so far.

Still sniffly, but I am feeling better I think. Very lazy day of rest, tea-drinking, Nordock and naps.

I need to get back into singing, but I'm not sure what type of venue I want to investigate or participate in. I miss my voice when I don't have it -- it serves to remind me how important singing is to me, even when I'm not formally performing or part of a chorus.

As much as I like Quadrophenia, there is something that really disturbs me about the line "who is she, I'll rape it." Yeah, I know that's part of the point, but it always always throws me. There is so much wrong encapsulated there I can't begin to elucidate.

Right, I have a date with some Nyquil and a furbly kitty. G'night.

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