Joy (cithra) wrote,

snow report V

(Can you tell I'm amused by playing the role of "roving" snow reporter? Good thing at least one of us thinks it's funny...)

Okay kids, here on the 35th Avenue SW hill it's officially snow. It's piled on the wires, roofs and telephone poles I can see out the window from here; if I get up and look at the road, it's white. Ta da, I hope y'all are happy now.

To be honest, I think it's pretty, and I don't mind it as long as going out in it remains voluntary. But that voluntary part is pretty key.

Looking out at the spot where uly's car was parked, the tracks from him heading down to the shop are kind of cute. There's this big dry rectangle where the car was parked, and coming down toward the car is the line of footprints, which then circle around the dry spot in a neat spiral, like a dog turning around before lying down. Not an extraneous step in the bunch, it's quite beautiful. Very economical and elegant.

And still it snows. Clearly greenwood and rimrunner were right - I'm sure we will have to resort to cannibalism any second now.

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