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I was hanging out in Espresso Ulysses this evening, working on stuff, when uly brings me around with "Hey, did you hear that?" Over the airwaves and out of the speakers, courtesy of KEXP, had drifted the name Geoff Firebaugh. (In retrospect, it must have been on Swingin' Doors - checks schedule - yup, sure enough.)

See, we both knew a musically-inclined young lad of the same name, back in the day. Actually, back enough in the day, now that I think about it, that canyonwren and mcjulie are probably the only other people around here who'd remember him. *blinks* counts on fingers *blinks* It's been a while, hoi.

Anyway, as uly pointed out, it's not the most common of names. After coming home and hopping on Google, I'm certain it's the same person. He's playing bass with a hillbilly/country outfit called BR549 - he'd be the gentleman in plaid in the publicity photos. They're out on tour as I type, and will be doing A Prairie Home Companion on the 15th of this month. It sounds like things are going quite well, and the album has gotten good reviews. *nod*

I'm six different kinds of delighted for him - it's nice to see the punk-ass Skiffy-club kids make good. Pity their tour schedule doesn't come anywhere near Seattle at the moment; I might actually have to drag myself out to a show and see if he remembers me if ever it does.

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