Joy (cithra) wrote,


Still have a job. Yay.

In other words, neither I nor the machine have acted in such a way as to invoke not-jobness. But it does turn out that the majority of what I do is going to change now - the Exam stuff will go to my Denver counterpart who answers to that side of the house, and I will start doing Collection-related things (computer things, still). What exactly that entails - well, they're still figuring that out.

I need to come up with a good title for the job being the person who remembers how to make things work, or better yet stuff. Because I tend to be the person who does stuff, but that's hardly an impressive or even terribly descriptive title. Ah well. It's rarely acknowledged officially as a type of position anyway, even though things always go better when there's one of them around (a stuff-doing person) and the lack is certainly noticed when one of them goes away.

I roasted some Sumatra and some Sulawesi last night. uly says to me, when I asked if they would go together, that sure - it would be like putting a del rio mandarin orange with a satsuma mandarin orange... [probably a horrible mis-quote, you can correct me, please.]

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