Joy (cithra) wrote,

I'm in one of those states where I don't quite have the energy to do anything, and yet I'm bored enough to want to do something. Of course, there are lots of things I could do, so it isn't a lack of options. It's sort of like my brain is running in neutral, spinning wheels but no traction, no engagement.

[Well, I can manage to write, obviously, but I clearly don't have any interesting ideas of what to write about.]

faintheart and I are supposed to head over to Redmond this afternoon, but I haven't heard from him with any notion as to when.

Ok, here's the exciting plan: go see if there are enough beans in the grinder for anything useful, then measure out and roast a couple of loads either after having some coffee or before, depending.

2005 here at the Labyrinth arrives not with a bang, but slouching in and wordlessly waving its coffee cup. May it bring you peace, in any case.

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