Joy (cithra) wrote,

the internet rides to the rescue again

From Making Light today:
The South-East Asia Earthquake is an instant blog focusing on "short news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts." They're blogging everything: news updates, theoretical articles on tsunami, contact numbers for relief agencies, current death tolls, and, especially, information on how to help.

Making Light describes the destruction as "thousands of miles of 9/11," and she's not kidding. I've been following this from the beginning, after I woke up to NPR talking about a tsunami hitting Jakarta - originally in a mild panic because that's where mcjulie had been a few days earlier, and likely might have been again depending on her homeward itinerary. Thankfully she and her husband missed it completely, and their family who stayed behind were on one of the little islands by Bali that were in the miraculous lee southeast of Java - but last I heard they were still waiting for direct contact.

It's a little selfish on my part, but I do wonder how the coffee plantations have fared. That's my favorite area of the world for varietals, and I can hope that even if they lose some tourist trade (a certainty) there will still be some money coming into the region from the coffee trade.

Anyway, here's my part to spread the word & URL as per request.

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