Joy (cithra) wrote,

[sugar cookie!]

Pretty mellow day today, except for the donuts in the middle of Second Avenue. [whee!] I did some shopping, I went to see House of the Flying Daggers, I hung out at Espresso Ulysses.

[sugar cookie!]

Apparently we are going over to my mother's tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I suppose that means if I am going to have coffee tomorrow I should get to roasting it.

[sugar cookie!]

There were previews for Constantine and Elektra at House of the Flying Daggers. I think Constantine will be enjoyable as a film, not so much as the story of John Constantine from Hellblazer. If nothing else, with a dark-haired Keanu Reeves playing the lead, it just didn't have the capability of reminding me of the comic. When I'd heard he'd been cast, I just figured they'd (at least) dye his hair for the part, but I guess not...

Alas, Elektra looks suspiciously like Catwoman, so I'm a little leery. Of the Frank Miller properties hitting the screen in the not too distant future, I'm much more impressed with the trailer I saw for Sin City, to be honest.

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