Joy (cithra) wrote,

Add my voice to the chorus of welcome for beetimevine. Especially since this saves me the trouble of hunting out his email address. *evil grin*

I'm suddenly finding myself at a loss as to where to find a new Moleskine notebook. I can't remember where I bought the last one, and nowhere I stopped into yesterday had them. Yes, I could order from the website, and in all honesty I probably should just send for a couple of cases - but I need a new one NOW thankyouverymuchdamnit. I'm spoiled. I don't care that it's the notebook of Van Gogh & Hemmingway - I care that it lies flat, and is balanced well enough that I can comfortably write in it standing at the bus stop, just holding it in my hand.

I remember seeing them at the Fremont Book Store but I really don't fancy trying to drag myself out there and back. There's got to be some place on Capitol Hill - I'll just have to be more diligent. I had meant to stop and look on the way to ZAPP last night, but everything takes longer in December, so I didn't. Or I'll swim my way upstream to the Pacific Place Barnes & Noble, something I wasn't quite able to accomplish yesterday. I made it as far as Westlake, and got my glasses fixed, but that was all before I was swept away by the crowds. So I went and hid in Espresso Ulysses until it was time to go up the hill.

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