Joy (cithra) wrote,


I suppose after angsting so much about coffee last night I should provide some sort of update.

amnotsurly was there when I finally showed up, and as soon as I sat down with him C-ko came over and said hello/joined us. That helped, she's a good link between the past and present cohorts.

Tracked rwx down without having to resort to a flying tackle. Babbled like an idiot, completely forgetting to mention one of the things I specifically meant to talk to him about. Fortunately it is a very minor thing in the schema of the universe, and can certainly wait until he has time to get back to me. Managed to pry a proper point of contact out of him so in the future I won't confuse being ultra-low priority with being ignored. He's another connection to the current cohort.

Was soundly ignored by Marc17. I will continue to write it down to him not recognizing me, or try to. It only bothers me because I think he's cool, and he's one of the few people I run into on the street fairly often, but I just must fly below his radar or something. Oh well.

[Hmm. I just realized that all my fretting the whole damn day yesterday pivoted around that issue - being ignored - in various forms. I've got Issues, obviously - but I hadn't thought about them all from this angle. It's a thread that ties a lot of things together, as I consider it. Depending on the circumstances I can get increasingly frantic if I don't think I'm being heard... or I will sulk and withdraw in turn, and go off being the Cat Who Walks By Itself... though I must also admit that sometimes I like it, and have been known to take advantage of being ignored. Hmm. Probably bears mentioning to Cheza, next time around.]

Managed to miss Josie and Justin coming in, but that's ok because they didn't recognize me at first either. They were both pretty amazed, and complimented me on how I looked - it's been quite a while since I'd seen either of them IRL, in the neighborhood of years even. Last time I'm certain was the Convergence here in town... Got my dress - since it turns out I'm going to be in town this weekend after all maybe I'll be all bold and wear it out dancing.

My other lingering impression is there were certainly plenty of people. I hope they're actually spending money at the shop instead of just sweeping about giving air-kisses and smoking on the sidewalk out front...

[6:29 p.m.] Oh, and how could I forget to mention seeing Ivo? After years and years and years... Well, let's see. Last time I was really involved with convention stuff was 1994, right before I moved to Seattle. (WHC doesn't count, really.) Last time I even remember seeing Ivo was some time before that, and the last time we spent any amount of time together at an even was a New Year's party back when I was going out with Corey, so we're talking late 1980's. He's settled into his skin a lot more, and seems much happier. I'm glad.

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