Joy (cithra) wrote,

Number 12, number 12, number 12...

Rode the bus down the hill yesterday operated by rjl20's friend Chris-who-used-to-work-at-Speakeasy.

It happens every so often, but I have yet to get a chance to say hello to him properly when it does. There is always something else going on. Either one of the other passengers is having a Problem, or traffic is absolutely hellish (like last night), or I myself am in a hurry to get from point A to point B so I don't have time to stop and say "hey, hello, you probably don't remember me but..." and so forth.

Nights like last night, with weather, traffic, and passengers all conspiring to make life difficult, I have to wonder if he still likes it better than the sysadmin gig. He seemed pretty sanguine, in spite of all the chaos. Even if I drove, I don't imagine it as a job I would like to do - I don't have the temperament for it.

On the other hand, grouchychris would make a good Metro driver, I think. It would be like picking up hitchhikers all day long! Or all night long, depending on what shift you pulled. And it would balance the karma of the very-low-passenger capacity of the Miata by being all passengers, all the time. *nod*

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