Joy (cithra) wrote,

ah, amnesia

Yesterday was, as I had privately predicted, our building evacuation drill. So of course I forgot every useful thing and then some at home. Revenge, I am guessing, for me making my brain remember to buy and bring cookies to the potluck earlier this week.

I forgot my cane, and I forgot my phone. Since I'm just wearing my regular boots with my toes all bandaged together invisibly underneath, this left it my-word-against-theirs that was, in fact, disabled and needful of the elevators. I couldn't find my boss before the drill to confirm plans, and at the last minute of course they changed where the lame and the halt were to gather, so we got separated anyway.

Not that I wasn't happy NOT to have to hike up the street to the offsite meeting place, but since I didn't have a monitor, or a special badge various officious people tried to shoo me off. I attached myself to the other mobility-impaired folks from my group, though, and resolutely ignored the martinets.

See, I wasn't on their precious list; in fact I was on the list of offsite people, because when I went to alert our floor warden that I would need some kind of something, a temporary monitor/badge or whatever due to my broken toe she informed me that since it wasn't permanent, I was essentially on my own.

Bitchy, but dealable with, at least under the original plan that had everyone assembling in the offsite meeting area, as would be the case in a real emergency. That is the situation my boss and I discussed, without (alas) making contingency plans for the inevitable last minute switcheroo splitting the groups and having the non-mobile people gather in the auditorium. I haven't been operating at peak intellectual capacity of late, and so I didn't make it explicit to the group members I saw in the elevator that they should let my manager know I stayed behind; none of them remembered to tell him in the general curiosity as to my location. Ah well.

They must have figured it out eventually, since they didn't keep them trapped at the offsite space until they tracked me down. That was the original threat, in an effort to get people to be a little more diligent and accountable for making sure everyone was located and accounted for. A sensible thing to strive for, IMHO... still it didn't take the two hours they were threatening, only about 45 minutes. Not bad for a bureaucracy.

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