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I managed to slip coming downstairs this morning and do something to the toes of my right foot that makes it kind of painful to walk - which is sad because today would have been a good day for walking, I think. I iced it, which helped some I think, but I plan to dig out my cane if it is still bothering me tomorrow.

I had a fine time across the water with tani_chick, kaminator, andthingunderthest. I made it to the book club. I didn't make it to Bellingham, though. Days like that I feel pretty certain I'm not cut out for the job of travel writer, no matter how tempting a fantasy it may be.

I fed the cats. I roasted coffee. I'm having trouble working up enthusiasm for eating, even though I'm hungry. *laugh* That's a sentence I never would have guessed I'd write, say, ten years ago.

I can see they have put up or lit or whatever the cone of holiday lights on top of the Space Needle. Are they supposed to be a Christmas tree? Probably. I do like the lights of this time of year, no matter how tired I get of the music and the advertisements and the crowds.

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