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my exciting life - Terrafactive Armageddon

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November 23rd, 2004

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05:53 pm - my exciting life
I'm doing laundry, and I'm probably going to roast coffee if my heart can stand the adrenaline.

Asshole or idiot? the guy grumbling because I made him scoot over and hold his bag on his lap, on the bus on the way home. The Express, packed to the rafters with commuters bus. Then he was horribly insulted when I didn't get off at the first stop. I give him 7/10 on the asshole scale for behavior, and 3/10 on the idiot scale for thinking he was going to get two seats to himself during peak commuting time. And when he snarled "Can you move!?!" when a seat opened up across the aisle, I burst out laughing in startlement. So I moved for the whole minute and a half it took to reach my stop after that. *shakes head*

Ok, time to swap laundry loads. The intrepid laundress ventures forth into the basement warren in search of clean clothes - film at eleven.

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[User Picture]
Date:November 23rd, 2004 05:58 pm (UTC)
Hey, why be one or the other when you can be both?
[User Picture]
Date:November 23rd, 2004 06:01 pm (UTC)
Asshole, idiot, or broken. I'm pretty sure I've met at least one apparently high-functioning mentally ill person who might well have done something like that. (I met her only briefly, but she made a big impression on me.)
[User Picture]
Date:November 24th, 2004 07:09 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's possible. I think my compassion may have been diverted to keep myself from instantly freaking out and assuming it was something horrible about me that was the problem. Not that I have much of anything left at that time of day.

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