Joy (cithra) wrote,

here I am, not sleeping

I went for a walk earlier, which usually helps. Nope. So I'll get up for a while and noodle around on the computer. I'm sort of mentally molasses though.

I noticed earlier that I am not getting emailed all of the comments from LJ - I seem to get the top-level replies, but not always anything further down the response tree (comments on comments, etc.).

One of the cool things I noticed on my walk was that from the crest of this first hill you can see the majority of the main city spread out across the arm of the Sound. I hadn't noticed during the day, but at night with the lights it is quite striking.

There is a little produce stand south of here, Tony's Fruits and Vegetables. When they closed up shop at the end of October it startled me, as I hadn't realized until then they were seasonal. Not too long after I was speculating what Tony did for the other half of the year - traveled the world? Planned produce production for the following season? As it turns out, at least part of what Tony does the rest of the year is sell Christmas trees! The lot fencing has been reconfigured, and signs extolling Tony's Flocked Trees, Tony's Noble Fir, and so forth have sprouted up along it. I'm delighted and amused - I was concerned before I knew the schedule that he'd gone out of business - and I have to wonder what, if anything, the post-tree season will bring.

Espresso Ulysses is having a food drive to benefit Northwest Harvest between now and the end of the month. Canned goods brought in will garner you discounted drinks, in addition to the knowledge that you've made someone's life less miserable. I've had occasion to rely on food banks in the past, myself - so I try to do a little of the payback thing when I can.

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