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why not make it meme day? part 1

This is what happens when I'm vaguely bored, vaguely lonely, and have to stay indoors for 24 hours. We shall see how many I get thru before I wander off.

My journal is called: Terrafactive Armageddon. It's what my old website was called, it's what I put when I need to fill in company name somewhere. I stole it from mcjuliek many years ago in school - because I like the sound of the phrase, and I like the idea of the earth rising up and throwing off the chains of her oppressors some day. I am comforted by the idea that the earth will abide long after and even if a bunch of stupid tribal primates destroy themselves in any of a number of creative ways.
My subtitle is: A life overexamined because while a live unexamined may not be worth living, you can take things to far, and if anyone is going to take self-examination over the edge and into the abyss, it's quite likely me.
My friends page is: we are vrrrrrends - ouch! which is a quote from the Stanley Weinbaum short story A Martian Odyssey. One of the earliest pieces of SF I read, and quite formative in terms of my being a fan of same. I couldn't see the words "Friends Page" over and over without the phrase running through my head, so I just gave in.
My user name is: Cithra, which is a name I made up for a kitten I had in college. It was an amazingly disagreeable thing, ornery and several generations inbred, with the disagreeable habit of preferring the corner under the stereo instead of the litter box. Deliberately, for she would wait until I saw her to go deficate. She ran away the first chance she could get. I liked the name too much to simply forget it, I have a hard time coming up with names anyway. The nice thing is unlike just about anything else I could come up with, as far as I can tell it is unique - I've never had to choose another ID because it's already been in use.
My default userpic is: a drawing of me from that make-your-own-icon site the link for which was circulating a while back. I think I got there from greenwood or canyonwren orrimrunner's LJ, but I couldn't tell you for certain. I am amused at how much it looks like me to me (when I have my hair down, which isn't all that common in 'real life'). I don't usually like photos of myself, cameras tend to bring out my best deer-in-headlights expression; this is a good compromise. Plus, kitty!

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