Joy (cithra) wrote,


While I find myself dismayed that it has happened, apparently even mentally I've divided us (US) into sides. "Our side", "their side" - even while I know that as usual the truth lies somewhere in the middle, that seductive dichotomy slips into my brain. I said it in conversation this evening: "I'm still coping with idiots on their side, I can't handle thinking about the idiots on our side" - I think I may have used "doofuses" instead of idiots, on second thought, but that isn't really my point.

My point is how part of what concerns me is how respect for the other opinion has evaporated on all sides of the issues. Really, I have to back up and replace the the with an any in that sentence before I'm happy. I'm not a Republican, but I'm not a Democrat either, strictly speaking - nor am I particularly Libertarian. I'd like to be an anarchist of Emma Goldman's stripe (and kindly actually read some of her works before you decide exactly what that is, please, not just what other people write about her) but I've seen entirely too much mean-spiritedness and greed to think non-institutionalized self-government is really viable on any sort of workable scale. Scratch a cynic, find a frustrated idealist/romantic - that's me, much more than I like.

To get back to my point though, I feel like somewhere along the line politics turned into a strange Lady or the Tiger test, or gladiator contest, or some such. Dichotomous in the extreme, and the losers Wrong rather than simply fewer in number but still with the right to their opinions and and the possibility they may have valid things to say. Is this some Dream of a Thousand Cats event, or Lathe of Heaven?

Either way, can we put it back?

I wish this didn't eat at me so much. I bet anyone reading this regularly does as well...

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