Joy (cithra) wrote,

Breakfast at a place called the Celtic Swell for breakfast - we had been going to go to the Alki cafe, but they were crowded as usual, and this place was new to us. It was pretty good fare all around - my oatmeal was good, and I think everyone else liked what they got. Especially nice were the big wedges of soda bread for toast. I imagine we'll go there again, at least during winter when there is some hope of parking within a mile or so of the restaurant.

Then we went and hung out at Espresso Ulysses for a while prior to going to see The Incredibles at the Cinerama. Really well done film - stuff for the kids, stuff for adults, amazing Pixar animation.

The film let out a touch late, so I missed the first part of the book club meeting, but it was informal enough that wasn't a problem. Now I just have to rustle up a copy of the book.

Xiombarg has come downstairs to visit me! So I'm sitting here while the laundry cycles (yes, finally) contemplating what, if anything, to do with my evening. I wouldn't mind a walk - maybe I'll walk down to the store and back again. It's one of those evenings where none of the ideas I come up with seem worth expending energy on...

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