Joy (cithra) wrote,

music and minutia

I bought Chris Cornell's Euphoria Morning because of my ongoing love affair with his voice. It's quite different from anything of Soundgarden's that I've heard, and from Audioslave as well. So far what it really reminds me of is David Bowie - not something I expected, but hardly unwelcome.

I walked down to the store and back tonight, and it reminded me of walks I used to take to Fairhaven and back when I lived just off of Lakeway on Humboldt street in Bellingham. The chill of the air, but warm enough from walking to take off my gloves, with the wind singing its unknown language in my ears. To the store and back is far from a two hour walk, but that's just as well these days.

Work has been crazy... but most of the universe will be out on Friday (being as us Feds have tomorrow off, many people make a 4-day weekend of it) so I imagine I'll be able to get things together then. Doug gave me my workload review (which will also serve as my 6 months evaluation) and I nearly cried at how glowing and positive it was. It's so nice to find something I have a talent for that people think is useful that I actually enjoy doing. Moral of the story: just because I can do something doesn't mean I should. With luck I'll even remember that the next time I'm flailing around wondering what the hell to do with my life...

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