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I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year. In fact, I'm going to be lucky if I get a poem in by the deadline (today) for Metro's Poetry on the Bus shindig. At least I have a poem I plan to submit, or planned to submit, but even after extensive revising I'm not happy with it, so it may not get submitted after all...

Spent all day yesterday at work on one of those never-ending projects that seem like they shouldn't eat up so damn much of the day but always do. Today will probably have more of the same. I'm half tempted to see about going in tomorrow to do a couple of GII runs, just because it would be nice to have them finished, and I like working on it when there's no-one else around... But there would go my Saturday, and I'm pretty certain from talking to the guy I'm doing the runs for that he doesn't need the data until January, so it can hang fire for a while longer.

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