Joy (cithra) wrote,

I'm sitting here in my cubicle at work, trying to decide if it is worth coming back tomorrow. The little I've looked at the news today has made me heartsick, as I read about the bigots patting themselves on the back for having Saved Marriage from the Queers. Yes, and about all the changes Bush plans to push forward on in his second term, because apparently as Love is Hate and War is Peace, conservatism these days is all about change. I work for the machine that funds this behemoth, and I can't even delude myself any longer about change from within.

I want to know, as an aside, why MY convenient fictions never come true.

I haven't felt this frustrated since I left home for college. It's pretty clear that doing the right thing doesn't work, although I'm still somewhat reluctant to just leap up and start doing the wrong thing. I wonder, sometimes, though. Apparently I am, however, perfectly willing to practice up being a hypocrite. Well, you have to start somewhere.

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