Joy (cithra) wrote,

tiny plan for today

Well, I don't know it will make me feel any better, but I am going to go for a walk in what the current moment is offering by way of sun, then to my orthodontist, then to Espresso Ulysses. It's kind of like any other depression, I guess - or for the moment I am going to treat it that way: one foot slowly in front of the other, deal with what is right in front of me and allow myself to worry about the Big Picture when I'm at a more stable point in my personal resources.

I mean, most people know my curmudgeonly views about the population in general and its relative merits or lack thereof. Look at it this way: several million stealth assholes just stood up and said "Look, here I am!!" Maybe that will make them easier to avoid tangling with, in the long run.

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