Joy (cithra) wrote,

Female, intellectual, queer, and unafraid of god - nope, the next four years don't look like a lot of fun to me. At least I probably won't need an abortion any time soon, so as long as they don't decide I'm committing preemptive murder every month just by menstruating I should be ok in the reproductive health department if/when we kiss Roe vs. Wade goodbye.

You see, the problem isn't that I don't recognize this country, it's that I recognize it all too well from the religious thuggery that made my childhood so unfruitful and unhappy. I was just hoping we'd gotten past it, when instead the cancer appears to have completely eaten out the heartlands.

One of the worst aspects that I recall is there is no reasoning with people in the throes of the morally righteous mindset, because any logical inconsistencies are dismissed with reference to how you have to have faith, and the mysterious and ineffable ways of the divine.

Bah, I'm exhausted.

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