Joy (cithra) wrote,

We may be going to hell in a handbasket, but at least it will be a slightly cleaner one.

So in between waves of nausea today, I did the dishes, started a load of laundry, took out the garbage, and swept & damp-mopped the kitchen floor. Oh wait, and roasted two loads of coffee before the sweeping/mopping operation. Because roasting coffee gets coffee chaff all over the place, so you want to do that before you sweep. It's like "pillage before burn".

The kitchen floor still needs a proper mopping with a real mop and hot water rather than a damp swiffering, but I used what I had handy - which happened to be the swiffer stuff from my old place, where the amount of linoleum/tile floor was small enough that a full-size mop and broom were overkill. That really isn't the case here, but at least you can tell now that it is black and white tile instead of black and grey.

We've all been busy, and much of the limited cleaning energy of the house members has been focused on the shop. Except for maintenance and the occasional burst of nervous energy like today.

Now instead of feeling ill and antsy I feel ill and tired. I was feeling pretty good yesterday, confound it. Maybe I'll essay a nap later.

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