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coffee roasting

I just wasn't up to arguing with the Sumatra today, so I only did a load of Tres Rios. That's the Costa Rica we have the 30-pound bag of. I have to apologize for impugning its honor and avoiding it early on for being a south american bright. It turns out if you lean on it, it makes a fine espresso.

Not to mention, it seems terribly eager to please. It's so much easier to roast than the grumbly old Sumatra. It has a nice crispy pop that is positively ear-shattering in comparison. It's solid enough not to fly out of the flue after second pop. It oils up nicely.

[I'm pretty sure I've said most all of this before, but it was coffee or politics, and since the majority of my political thought at the moment involves trying desperately to believe that people en masse are capable of not being lured over the cliff by the promise of gold in the river below, counter to the majority of empirical evidence, I chose coffee.]

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