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You would think that by now I would know what a recipe for disaster telling the boss of my boss "Oh, I'm going to try and get in early tomorrow" would be. Am I in to work early? No. Am I going to be on time, even? No. sigh.

We switch to a new login domain today, you see. Not too big of an issue, except that folks with XP have had to back-up and export their encryption key, and will have to import it again after they log into their new domain. So there has been lots of freaking out and moral support seeking on the part of my customers. Really, for once the instructions that MITS central issued are pretty easy to follow, but that requires people to actually READ them, still. So not so much luck there.

Thankfully another guy with a fair bit of clue about computers gets in early-early (six thirty or some unholy hour like that) so hopefully he can field the crack of dawn support requests.


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