Joy (cithra) wrote,

my whereabouts ce soir

I'm to be at Aurafice this evening to pick up an item from an auction. I'm slowly beginning to rebuild my wardrobe - maybe I'll get my gothcard back yet. I've had about enough of having to sort my laundry, I tell you...

Anyway, I probably won't show up directly after work, since five hours in a coffee shop is a stretch even for someone with my advanced loitering skills. I imagine I'll have to wander in with the regular crowd around 8 p.m.

I'll be there doing my part to uphold the banner of chilly-demeanored Seattleites everywhere. I'm helped in this by that I tend to look somewhat dour of visage even when smiling - I have to be actually grinning, it seems, before my expression registers as positive to other people. For example - that expression in my profile picture there? That's a smile. No, really.

[Figured I ought to give notice since while I've been at Aurafice on Wednesday evenings before, this is the first time I've technically officially attended Goth Coffee there.]

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