Joy (cithra) wrote,

to socialize or not?

Debating about going to the Mercury. Tonight. By myself. It could be cool, I'll probably be awake, I've been meaning to go for ages and it seems silly not to, now that I live within even easier walking distance than I did before.

Ah, but I'd have to get dressed, and dressed up at that... argh, just when I think I've cleared out and tossed all the emotional baggage about appearance, I find another steamer trunk's worth.

It's just a place, Joy. You're even a bloody member - so you've more right to be there than plenty of folks. If you see people you know (and you surely will) they will be happy to see you, even. I wager they'll even talk to you...

Yeah, but what about the people who sit there and snicker to each other about various social errors perceived or actual on the part of other patrons? What about the better dressed ones tittering behind their fans?

Eh yeah, what about 'em? If they have nothing better to occupy themselves with than picking other folks apart, do you really need to give a fig for what they think? Thought not. If they get really irritating, put them in your next novel dressed in sackcloth and stupid hats.

Mmmm. I don't know...

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