Joy (cithra) wrote,

Working a credit hour, doing some research on Combined Federal Campaign charities, and sniffling into my coffee. I'm oddly susceptible to sniffling at this sort of thing lately. I'm not more (or less, I don't think) compassionate, just more prone to tears.

Perhaps though I'm simply more lachrymose as a result of age (or something) - I've noticed a tendency to become ridiculously soggy-eyed at not just movies, but movie trailers. *eyebrow quirk* Fortunately it's dark enough, or I'm alone enough that no-one has noticed, or any friends I've been with have been blessedly reticent. If anyone does ask, I shall blame it on dust motes, hormones, biting my tongue or some other random occurrence.

But I digress - I don't feel nearly as embarrassed to tear up over some of the things at the Medecins Sans Frontiers site. Angry tears, despairing tears, respectful tears...

Interestingly enough, Amnesty International does not appear to be on the list of charities one can donate to via CFC this year. I have my suspicions as to why, but I'll leave those as an exercise for the reader.

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