Joy (cithra) wrote,

sometimes it's good to be a fed

I get Native Peoples Oppression Day off, for example. Ok, they call it the Columbus Day holiday, but there you go. I suppose if I called it a Celebration of People with Not Much Sense of Direction, it would be both less inflammatory and an excuse to tease grouchychris. Which would be cruel after he so kindly gave me a ride home last night/this morning, I admit - so perhaps better to simply celebrate that I don't have to go in to work.

What I face on my agenda, alas though, is (or should be) a variety of chores. Not all of them are too onerous, but I could fill my day with depressingly pedestrian activities quite easily. The laundry pile is threatening to push me out of my room, as do the inevitable drifts of paper that seem to follow me around. I need to finish roasting some coffee for a blended batch (my first) that got interrupted yesterday afternoon. Then there is the constant minor sweep-tidy-wipe daily battle stuff without which and sometimes in spite of the tides of chaos come close to overwhelming.

Mostly I just want to sit here, which is kind of silly since the majority of what I need to do can be accomplished in tandem with noodling around on the computer.

Yesterday's distraction was faintheart andamnotsurly stopping by to play Scrabble, then we removed to the domicile of grouchychris to eat pizza and play Cosmic Encounter. I have discovered that I find Scrabble to be a supremely frustrating game, no matter that I continue to play it. I hate how interesting medium length words are usually worth all of seven points, and that the big point scores come from making a bunch of inter-nested little two or three letter, unutterably dull words that lie across the extra-point scoring squares. I decided a while back that my vocabulary was actually a DIS-advantage, because I spend all my time thinking about cool words instead of looking for strategic board placement. Oh well, what can you do.

The Cosmic Encounter games were interesting, kind of a different dynamic (both of them) from what often takes place. The genius of that game is how much it can vary between sessions, as well as how involved everyone is, and how good play is a combination of luck and skill.

Well, if I don't get the coffee finished at least, I'm not going to be much good for much of anything, so I'd best go take care of that at a minimum.

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