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breaking Godwin's law - Terrafactive Armageddon

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October 2nd, 2004

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09:09 am - breaking Godwin's law
I read the about torture legislation extraordinary rendition legislation and the surrounding issues, and occasionally wonder if the Bushies will ever feel the sort of regret attributed to rank and file members of the National Socialist German Workers Party after the close of WWII.

Hitler's secretary, for example, in the documentary Blind Spot reveals an incredible naivete and later regret when she discovered more about the events in which she was involved. I can imagine someone like her saying the same things I see attributed to Bush supporters - about how it isn't prudent to change leaders in the middle of a war, or talking about charisma, or how [leader] takes care of [my ethnic/socio-economic group], so of course I'll vote for him. (There's that isolationist sentiment again...)

I see it as sort of an iceberg issue: if this sort of idea (torture is useful and ok) has reached common enough currency for it to show up in legislation, how long has it been tacitly condoned? We know the CIA has been doing it for some time, but I think people haven't been willing to consider the full implications of that (myself included), so here we are. Hey, aren't we the good guys? We don't torture people, right? Well, as the 'good guys,' we don't make war in a preemptive fashion either, now do we? Oh wait, I guess we do, now. *shrug* You see how it is.

Dark thoughts for such a gorgeous day. I need to go have breakfast with some friendly people, I think.
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