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iPod - backing down (maybe) but still cranky

Right. So I went and hunted up how to get into the diagnostics my own damn self, and I ran them, and they appear to check out. So ok, I have to back down there I suppose.

But nevertheless, the problem still occurs. Now, though, it seems to be intermittent - always delightful when you're trying to troubleshoot something. It seems to happen mostly when I select and play a playlist or album rather than a specific song. However, I have as yet to get a consistent pattern of behavior out of it.

Clearly it's the sort of thing remote troubleshooting isn't likely to help with. I think I'll probably take it in to the Apple shop per greenwood's suggestion. Then I can show them what the hell I'm talking about.

And if it works for them and not for me, I guess I just bend time and space too much for small electronics to bear. Hrumph.

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