Joy (cithra) wrote,

damn it!

Well, the iPod still does the exact same thing it did before I sent it in for repair. The letter they sent back gives the same set of restore instructions that I've already followed about fifty times without avail, and then says if they don't work, the iPod may need to be repaired. Gosh, that's a thought. What the hell did they think I sent it in for in the first place?

Whatever. I'm about ready to pitch the thing. Oh, yes, the website is back to "Sorry, we can't process your request at the moment, please try again later." And I can't make myself understood well enough on the phone for that to be of any use, even if I could understand the CSRs accent. And the last two times I called all they did was walk me through the same procedures that don't reset it anyway.

and now I'm late for work too. What ever. The idiot who invented the remote centralized servicing model better not ever cross my path that I'm aware of.

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