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This morning I got an email from Apple saying my replacement replacement iPod had been shipped. This afternoon when I got home from work, it was here. That's pretty speedy, the speediest yet. With any luck, this one will actually work.

Finally gave my boots a much needed waxing. I am no gnome, but they were dusty. Now they are black and shiny again, and proofed against damp.

I am really coming to like the Xjournal client. I think I shall go donate some money to their tip jar.

The other morning with my hair down I was amused by how much I looked like my LJ icon. I also look a fair bit like my picture on my new Washington State ID card. I don't like the picture as much as the prior one, but I do at least look less like a stunned giraffe. The camera angle and distance of the prior photo make my neck look about two feet long. In the new photo I merely look old and mildly disgruntled. Or perhaps mildly gruntled. Not too far from the truth, either way.

My dentist's office phoned me today to wish me a happy birthday! I was amused, when the woman identified herself at first, I was thinking "did I forget an appointment?" but nope. My birthday isn't until Sunday, but they're mostly a M-Th operation, so it makes a certain amount of sense,

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