Joy (cithra) wrote,

afternoon meh

I got all motivated to go see Ghost in the Shell 2, to the extent of planning the bus trip - it's at the Uptown, so it would be pretty painless, the 21 turns into the 18 which goes to within a block of the theater. Then after I got ready, I discovered I didn't really feel like sitting on a bus and in a movie theater at the moment - plus I'm in the mood for something more mindless.

At the moment I'm considering the exciting adventure of walking to the store. There is a Thriftway at the bottom of the hill (to the west) where California and Fauntleroy and Morgan all meet; it's a fair walk, then I can take the bus back up the hill. If I time it right, that is - the 128 only runs once an hour on Sunday. That's what I get for trying to travel in an easterly direction, departing from the canonical doctrine of North-South.

Then I'll probably be able to manage a nap. Ooh, I should drag my laundry out of the dryer as well.

An odd question: anyone who has had braces - do you get to a point where you can use your incisors without discomfort for, well, anything? Mine are still quite sensitive.

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