Joy (cithra) wrote,

shrouded journey north

Coming back from Bellingham last night the fog was amazingly dense. Pretty much zero visibility in spots. Thick enough that I briefly thought it was raining because of the droplets of condensation on the windshield - I'd never encountered that before. The sort of thing that is lovely to walk in, but kind of nerve-wracking to try and drive through. (Not enough so to keep me from dozing off on occasion, alas, though of course I wasn't driving. Perfect love and perfect trust, and parents that took me out in the car as an infant to get me to sleep.) It wasn't just along the various bodies of water, either - it wasn't until we got to the metropolis proper (and perhaps the stored heat thereof) that things cleared.

I had fun, even though I sat the poker proper out. Too big of a table, and too much Texas Hold'em - I blame the Poker Channel or whatever it's called. I'm mostly a 5-card draw girl myself. The flexibility of the game is a plus and a minus - and any card counting skills I gained in my bridge years have long vanished. But I got to see mykque's kick-ass home theatre, and chat with McJulie and JulieP, which I never get to do often enough. And simply spectating was pretty amusing. If nothing else, the Poker Channel validates the game as a spectator sport. Playing for money intimidates me still, I find - I took the contents of my change jar with me intending to participate, but bowed out at the last moment.

What lo, though, instead I hauled out my very rusty pizza preparation skillz. Yes, they used to pay me to cook pizza once upon a time - but it was always in an establishment that had a dough roller, so I had an awkward bit of wrestling with the dough to turn it from a sphere into a disc. So my pizza was gibbous -- so was the moon. So there. amnotsurly provided the dough, excellent as always. Spinach feta mushroom gorgonzola pine nuts artichoke hearts mozzarella, mmmm.

Now I'm quite strangely awake after about four hours of sleep. The next door neighbors have started their joyful noise, so it's just as well - my room is quite well insulated from sound with regard to the rest of the house, but sound from outside carries entirely too well. Perhaps soon I will remember what I was planning to occupy my day with today, and go do it.

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