Joy (cithra) wrote,

one of her moods

Roasted a couple more loads of Sumatra last night - darker and darker still. I can definitely taste the difference this morning.

I'm all waffly today. I'm supposed to go see a movie this morning and go to Bellingham this afternoon/evening, but... partly I'm feeling guilty for not wanting to look at apartments this morning with my mother & faintheart. Partly I'm feeling guilty for my guerilla car-pooling tactics. It isn't like I'm any better a poker than any other game, probably worse - which I'm sure may delight anyone playing with me, but...

I'm sure it's partly because my teeth hurt.

I downloaded a new LJ client specifically for OSX, and I'm liking it much better already. It's the Xjournal client. For one thing, it has a working spell check, for which I'm sure you will all be profoundly grateful.

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