Joy (cithra) wrote,


Home from work at the moment due to 'adjustment' difficulties. My teeth weren't too sore when I woke up this morning, but my head was. At the moment I have the headache tamed back to just behind my eyes, but it's lurking, lurking... I mean to go in if I can.

The coffee grinder has decided to be persnickity. I can get too many grounds in the portafilter, or too few - but never the proper amount. I got to used to the old one, I guess.

Then I became grumpy this morning when I realized my plans for a reading party didn't make too much sense, unless I want to either force people to suffer through my selection enduring a slight lithp, or I choose not to read. But I like reading, that's part of the point of organizing a reading party. Hmm.

On a better note, I only managed to get the ticket put in for the iPod finally on Tuesday afternoon, and the mailer box showed up yesterday. Speedy!!

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