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I'm not dead! Or rather, I'm not curled up into a little ball of muscle spasms, cursing Corprew, Ballard, or the day I ever heard of GPS receivers. Wow. I must be more fit than I thought.

I was pretty sore by the end of yesterday, right down to the joints, so I expected that even with the hot shower and ibuprofen before bed I'd be sore again today in equal or greater measure. I'm tired - but no more stiff and creaky than usual. Now it's true that I've been doing a lot more walking since moving into this apartment, just because the location is so excellent that it's often quicker to walk where I'm going than to wait for the bus to come by. And the killer hill where Boren rises from Pike to Union has been making a daily appearance in my life, all 170-odd steps of it. So little bits do help, I guess.

Well, I'm still not ready to hike the Pacific Crest trail, by any means. But I'll confess to being pretty damn pleased with myself, nonetheless. Give me time...

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