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yay icebluenothing! - Terrafactive Armageddon

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September 14th, 2004

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06:03 am - yay icebluenothing!
A few days ago, I got my copy of Counting from Ten, and promptly devoured it. Lovely anthology, creepy stories that have a certain extra way of slipping the knife in, just after you think you've figured it all out. A little O. Henry, a lot more Oh. Shit. Along with thanking the stars that I am not one of the ones telling these tales.

It was interesting to read several of the stories (visually) that I'd heard Six read (orally). Different things about the language struck me, and maybe there is something about the horror story as an oral art form - I'm still thinking about that. I noticed that I enjoyed Running Time more when I heard Six tell it at one of his Halloween readings, but I think I got more out of Passion Play the second time around, reading it.

My favorite story was The Catalog, which I had not encountered prior to picking up the collection, and which took me completely by surprise. Touched a nerve, that one. I also really enjoyed Wedding Present. I'll stop here, you should be allowed to find your own favorites, while I could happily praise each story individually for its various merits...

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