Joy (cithra) wrote,

faintheart and I saw a premiere showing of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow last night, which was brilliant. grouchychris, it so dovetails your game - barring location, the vast majority of that whole long list of items you were rehearsing to us on the geocache trip were all there...

It made for a longish day, so I'm extra tired this morning. Which probably contributes to my odd mood. Maybe it's popcorn withdrawal, too.

I see the orthodontist again tomorrow, which means I have to work my credit hour for Friday today, which means I won't get off until 5:30 p.m. so no knitting again this week. I may have to sit down and rethink my schedule, here. This also means I have to figure out what sort of payment options I will be going with ala the braces as well. Bah.

I'm also not terribly happy with my lj client - you may have observed a rash of horrible spelling, due to my inability to get the spell check to function properly. I'm considering different alternatives for convenience at the moment, but simply not using a client at all may be the easiest in the long run.

Time for some ibuprofen for the teething (another contributor to my vaguely dissatisfied mood, I'm sure) and then off to the cube farm.

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