Joy (cithra) wrote,

I must live in some other Seattle than the people who run the papers

...because I can never find news reports of things I see happening. I guess this is the flip side of my complaint that shopping and political mud-slinging don't count as news proper. It is certainly equally annoying.

Examples: last weekend, while trying to go from Burien to Southcenter we discovered that a fairly large chunk of I-5 was closed. Blocked off at the on-ramps, no less - which to me seems to indicate an event of some import. I have been keeping my eye on the local headlines but haven't encountered anything that fits.

Also last weekend, I was sad to find out, one of the security guards who worked at the Federal Building was shot and killed. Not on duty, and not at the building - though perhaps those things might have increased the possibility of the events making mention - the short eulogy that was posted at the guard station to explain the black bands on people's badges said he'd stepped into an altercation to aid a friend. He'd barely been working there a year, and was a really sweet guy - one of the ones who would remember who you were and greet you by name, infinitely patient with the constant stream of visitors who never quite seem able to navigate the procedures gracefully. I know it can take quite a while for names to show up on the King County Deaths roster, but I did expect some sort of mention in the local news section, and I haven't seen a thing.

What else are they missing? and I don't even mean that in a grand illuminated conspiracy sort of way.

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