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All kinds of goodness today...

Early morning visit to Espresso Ulysses with grouchychris, a walk around Belltown, meeting faintheart for breakfast at the Cyclops then seeing him off to Bumbershoot. Math & Mexico; philosophy and furniture.

Geocaching with amnotsurly and grouchychris who patiently tolerated my grousing about failing to have made the proper footwear choice this morning, and not leaving me to the squirrels after all.

GURPS 4th edition, pizza (eaten s-l-o-w-l-y by me), and semantical noodling with extra confusion. Several thoughtful surprises, before I'd even written that as something that makes me happy over across the way. Fashion commentary. Parks I'd forgotten I'd been to at first. One of the peregrine falcons perched on a light pole, watching us cross the West Seattle bridge.

Fireworks, of all things, visible outside the window just before 9pm.

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