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pleasant day

Late, loungy breakfast at the Luna park with faintheart, amnotsurly, and grouchychris. I remain creaky, but not obstructively so. After food we decided the 3pm showing of Hero sounded good. We repaired to various interim activities - I went to Southcenter to pick up a refill for my Franklin planner, finally. I've only been meaning to do that for the last couple of months.

I really liked Hero. I can also see why Steven Hunter of the Washington Post didn't. Desson Thomson, also of the Washington Post, felt a good deal more like I did about the film. It was amazingly beautiful, as well as being a much more solid story than many martial arts movies can claim. I've always been really fond of what Hunter calls the Chinese style of martial arts films, with extravagent wire work and the story-assumption that if you're good enough and study hard enough with the right martial arts school, you become something akin to magic. Hence the mystique of different moves and mentors... I find that really delightful. Hero runs in that mode, of a certainty. I also like how there have always been strong and adept women warriors in martial arts movies as well, and no one blinks an eye.

After the film, Ted was kind enough to take me to the grocery store, then I came home to eat chocolate and dink around on the computer.

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