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I read the Libra Free Will Astrology for this week in about three different places and thought I don't want to be the cheap little piece of equipment that burns out to save the expensive stuff even as I was beginning to smolder and melt. Fortunately I can be amused and mildly irked at the same time.

I suppose it says something that I always think of breakdowns in terms of mental meltdown sorts of things. Even when the analogy is clearly physical. (NB for the skeptics: I tend to take astrology as 'possibly a new light to think of things in' not 'exact representation of how Things Will Be', as I do fortune cookies, dreams, and other semi-synchronicitous aggregations of text/images) I'll spare you the complete litany, but in sum I feel like I've been dragged through a knothole backwards.

And the resulting lack of physical coordination has already resulted in one minor accident this morning, as I narrowly escaped dumping a glass of water into my laptop while trying to kill an ant. I got water all over the table, but I think nothing was damaged. Still, irritating.

So I will be home this weekend, possibly with ice packs and ointments. Damn it.

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