Joy (cithra) wrote,


This has been the week from heck. Yes, I mean exactly what I said. Phil the Prince of Insufficient Light has been harrying me with his spoon.

It's more exhausting than the week from hell would have been. In the week from hell, you know you're under siege. You can draw on your reserves, take extra care, sort of put your head down and bull on through. In the week from heck, you simply find yourself constantly wondering what is going on, trying to figure out where your stamina has gone, and discovering your to-do list has doubled in size without your actually adding a single item to it.

Nothing fails catastrophically, but things never quite come together, either. The accumulated energy debt from everything falling just a little bit short, or going just a little bit wrong really sneaks up on you. Suddenly instead of minding the gap you're staring across a chasm at the boat you were hoping to catch merrily steaming its way out-harbor. Fine. There's another one along in an hour or so.

Then you find yourself thinking: Boat? WTF, I take the bus.

That is what this week has been like.

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