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there and back again...

Geocaching! We ended up making a mighty hike from downtown Ballard out to Golden Gardens - I'm afraid to look it up and map out the mileage. We went over the hill and the long way 'round, and had a bit of a scramble (the last of which I had to sit out, for my leg muscles had begun to tremble involuntarily, making my balance still more precarious) where rwx, rimrunner and holyoutlaw proved themselves part mountain goat. The cache was run to ground, and we logged our visit and happily exchanged some trinkets.

In a perverse impersonation of a mobeus strip we then discovered ourselves to be on the wrong side of the tracks even after we crossed them; between the rain and the ebbing hours we got close-but-no-cigar to the second and third caches of the day. Even so, I confess to being hooked. Tired, but hooked.

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