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what I said about that bear... - Terrafactive Armageddon

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August 4th, 2004

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09:44 am - what I said about that bear...
This morning has gone ...interestingly.

I woke up groggy (I blame PMS) and didn't get coffee at home. I think having my laptop upstairs in the morning, while handy in some senses, simply makes it easier for me not to get up and moving. It's something to draw me into getting myself clothed and downstairs, if that's where I leave it. But it is nice to have the wireless up and running, which was why I had my laptop up there last night. There was a hitch this morning where it didn't want to connect, but cycling the power on the broadcast base fixed it.

To return to the convolutions of the morning, I didn't make my usual bus but I did at least manage to make the last Express heading inbound. I discovered several messages on my phone that needed taking care of, so I got to do that on the way in, and I always feel strange talking on the phone on the bus. I try not to be too loud, but I don't always feel I have succeeded.

Then, as we are sitting on the viaduct waiting to get off on the Seneca exit, there's a grating thump on the side of the bus behind me. I thought someone had hit us, and it turns out it was an Emerald Co. truck divesting us of our mirror. It was a trifle disconcerting since if he'd been a few more inches outside of his lane he'd have taken out the side of the bus exactly where I was sitting.

So... I volunteered to fill out an incident report, and while I was doing that the poor rattled driver took the bus up to 1st & Pine. That gave me twice the walk down to my building, but I was happy to have it to settle down during. And to get some coffee.

I ended up stopping in Starbucks, because it was on the way and there wasn't a line. It was one of the shops with the automatic espresso machines, which are still a novelty to me, as I've so far had the luck to patronize the few remaining shops with actual pull-the-shot-by-hand equipment.

I mention it in part because the latte I got is curiously colorless and bland. No character to speak of, very assembly-line. It's a pity they've moved into the mode where a big portion of their appeal is that you know you'll get the same stolid product every time, where-ever the shop or whenever you visit. Or perhaps I'm over-generalizing from one experience, but the installation of automated machines that both pull the shots and steam the milk (with a double steamer wand, I thought that was interesting too) leads me to believe one of the aims must be standardization of the product.

Anyway, the boss is out and I'm in 'waiting for the flood' mode, with only a couple of things to keep me busy. On the other hand, if I can't wake up it may handicap me enough to make the work expand to fill the day.

I completely spaced bringing any knitting, though. Sadness.

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