Joy (cithra) wrote,

bouncy bouncy

Right, clearly I've slept through some cultural touchstone moment again. Everywhere I turn I'm seeing headline about "bounce". Kerry got a bounce. Kerry didn't get a bounce. Bush got Kerry's bounce. Kerry got a bounce, but it was tiny, unless by some other criteria it wasn't. Bush will get his own bounce.

Usually once something like this happens I can figure out what the deal is by concatenating bits from various articles and sort of triangulating until I can guess what is meant. Bling (singular or doubled) was a word like that - eventually I nailed a definition down by context.

[A blue balloon just sailed past my window. I sit on the 16th floor. It was going up.]

But that only works when all the information is pointing the same direction.

[Ok, there went another one, farther away across the street.]

I presume it is some kind of poll-statistical behavior, which makes the furor and the widely differing reports of size and ownership all the more pointless. Rather, it points out all the different ways you can lie with statistics can be interpreted.

[And another balloon. Rumor has it there is a protest re: Section 8 housing today, that's perhaps where they are coming from. It'a novel sight, certainly. Ok, there we go, they've fired up the PA.]

[That co-worker? Still ranting about people at rallies not having jobs. I know the man has heard of leave as a concept, but I guess he can't think of any cause worth taking it for? There's old white guy privilege in a nutshell, I guess.]

I suppose it is too much to hope that one of these 'bounce' headlines be about the universe bouncing a clue off someone's head.

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