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the needle on the horizon

When I'm downstairs, the place set up for my laptop has a perfectly framed view of downtown Seattle, with the Space Needle just off center. The last few days sunrises and sunsets both have been gorgeous - and looking out at the moment I can see why: there is already a decided haze between here (West Seattle - High Point) and there.

I'm headed over to the eastside this morning to visit my mom, via transit. I'm thinking there must have been some schedule changes last time around, since it seems to be a good deal more involved to get over there by bus than it did the last time I did it. Or perhaps it wasn't on the weekend... Interestingly enough, I used the trip planner on the Metro site but I'm not using their itinerary - somehow starting in West Seattle seemed to make things come out with strange transfers and connections to busses I've never heard of, when I know I can take the 21 downtown, the 545 or 560 (I think only the 560 today) to Bellevue Transit Center, and then one of a couple routes out to Overlake. Ok, there is a four or five block walk in there downtown, but even when I maximize the distance I'm willing to walk and choose 'fewest transfers' I get convoluted and arcane advice.

I consulted the planer in the first place mostly to try and estimate how much time it would take me to get over there, but I'm loathe to trust the calculations at this point. So if it turns lunch into an all day expedition - well, that's why i got the iPod and the cell phone. If I'm feeling ambitious maybe I'll take the whole damn laptop too.

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