Joy (cithra) wrote,

lazy day

Fresh pizza for breakfast works just as well as cold, if not better. Got up after a phone call from mykque around 10, proposing breakfast at 11ish, to find cjo and uly up and doing. Uly was making pizza - red peppers & artichoke hearts, and what with this and that I phoned faintheart to tell him to give our suggested venue a miss, and we had pizza for breakfast here instead of going out.

I am spoiled, spoiled now - between the excellent cooks in the house, the espresso machine and the network, I'm never leaving. Heh.

Later then, grouchychris met us downtown to see King Arthur - his observation that the secret to enjoyment is low expectations was certainly my mantra in preparation for seeing the film: Keira Knightly in woad and leather and pretty horses were about all I was expecting. So I was pleased at some of the touches in other places of the film.

My imagination was never quite caught by the Morte d'Arthur - which I read in sixth grade, so I may have missed some things - and as much as I like T.H. White and John Steinbeck's works I never really internalized the story or imagined it had too much to do with me; it was too clearly About Boys. And (look out, sacrilege ahead) the quest for the Holy Grail always seemed kind of dumb. It certainly wasn't very well organized, or at least that was the impression I garnered... Anyway, this is mostly a long way around to saying that, as with the movie Troy recently, I didn't/don't have as much emotional investment in the story as some, so I probably liked this movie version more than others might have, on that account.

I really liked the characters themselves, they were delineated deftly so that their different personalities came across well. And going back to another comparison with Troy, this movie did a better job of 'de-mystifying' the story without it feeling like somethings were missing.

After the film we came back to my/our place for more food and just hanging out, which was nice. I made a raspberry-ginger smoothie thing that turned out not too bad - I always forget how annoying I find raspberry seeds in stuff with actual raspberries in it, I need to think of a way that isn't too labor intensive to get them out, if such a procedure exists. The ginger seemed quite faint at first, though by the time I had finished my glass it was more noticeable, so the flavor either intensified or the ginger didn't blend in as well as I had hoped. On the whole I'd call it a successful experiment for me-who-doesn't-cook, though.

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